Heart Check Tuesday 5 November 2019

Heart Check Tuesday 5 November 2019

When Joshua wanted to take over Jericho, he discovered that the city was impregnable because the walls were constructed in cuboid form. This implies that if the walls of Jericho fell, it would have been like the rolling of a cube – the walls would still stick with the same height that they were before. (Archaeologists have discovered that the walls of Jericho were submerged.)

Now, Joshua did not understand that there was a spiritual side of the Israeli army. So, after viewing the city from afar, he strode apart from his army to meditate. There, he saw a Man – the Captain of Israel’s spiritual army who had made Himself visible.

Then Joshua made a mistake, addressing the Captain like a human warrior: “Are you for us or for our adversaries? (Joshua 5:13) The Captain replied, “No, but as Commander of the army of the Lord I have now come.”

The implication of His reply was that “I’m not for you. I’m not against you. In fact, you are not so relevant. But I know my orders and I have come here as a Captain of the Lord’s host. So, if I find you cooperating with My orders, you are for Me, else you can die by my hand. Just don’t be too comfortable around me.”

Joshua’s ignorant question also had its consequence. He and the children of Israel were ordered to trek around the wall seven times in seven days. For six days, they were to do so in silence; only on the seventh day were they asked to make a triumphant noise. All that happened because Joshua, though a great warrior, had no idea about how to deal with dignitaries.

As a minister, you should approach God’s presence with a revelation of His divine holiness and awesomeness. It might be difficult to do that if you don’t know that His Kingdom is a realm of dignitaries.

Besides, the spiritual realm is like a wilderness and you need a navigator; that’s why Jesus sent us the Spirit of Truth who guides us into all truth.

If you enter into the wilderness of the spirit without the Navigator, you will have no one to guide you into reality. Many people have fallen victim of this error when they were led by their ego to seek some form of attainment in the spirit. The desire for power crippled them, making them manifest the spirit of error.

Even worthy of pity are those who, like Joshua, have collided with divine (not demonic) things in the spirit ignorantly and they were incapacitated for a long time just because they did not understand the protocol of navigation. Zechariah (father of John the Baptist) was also in this category.

Furthermore, there are cases of people that fasted and prayed and instead of coming out with blessing, they became mentally disabled. Please note that there are times that God imposes a fast on you when He wants to reveal certain things to you. At that time, it is required that you starve your flesh because He wants to stuff your spirit. And if God summons you for a fast, you will be as strong as a man that has been eating.

The key idea is to ensure that you subject yourself to be led by the Spirit of Truth in your spiritual journey. Are you deepening your relationship with Him or navigating carelessly on your own?

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