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Walking with this family has saved me from the frightful price of ignorance, negligence, selfishness and deception that assails this age.

Testimonial Damilola
RCN Lagos

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Aug 2018

Remnant Christian Network has done a number on me, that’s for sure. My life has been irrevocably changed since I came in contact with the ministry. First of all, it confirmed for me what I had always argued with friends: that church is not just supposed to be a rushed affair of 30/45 minutes because we can’t put the spirit of God on a leash and expect him to perform on command. Secondly, it completely transformed my prayer life because of the constant burning fire within me. Attending Bible Study (we’ve been......

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Testimonials: Damilola Alabi

We are born into a strange time- a time that tries men’s souls. Bewilderment and fear hold many; change and uncertainty stalk through my land, Nigeria – in fact, all lands. But fellowshipping in...

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Testimonials: Dami

RCN taught me the practicality of Christianity. Before I came into RCN I experienced a lot of spiritual realities I couldn’t really explain or articulate but from the first 10 Hours prayer meeting I...

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Testimonials: Adetutu

I had enjoyed the privilege of being under Apostle’s Ministration in Plateau state. So when I relocated to Lagos and saw The Convergence flyer on a Friend’s DP, I was stirred to attend. I...

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Testimonials: Elias

RCN has been a place where I have been able to find full expression spiritually. In RCN, I have grown and I’m still growing in the knowledge of the Scriptures and my prayer life...

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Testimonials: Nonye

Since I got to know about RCN and started attending The Convergence, my life has dramatically changed, especially in the area of prayer. The most I had done before RCN was 3 hours. But...

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