Main Text: John 14:16-17 “And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever. Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seest him not, neither knowesth him; but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you and shall be in you”.

The most important personality is the Holy Spirit because all that God wants to give to man is encapsulated in the measure of the Spirit of God that comes to reside within his spirit when he surrenders to Christ. And the Holy Spirit operating in His life can become anything that He is in need of for his work of godliness and for the fulfilment of his divine destiny.

The Holy Ghost can become strength; He can become the quickener; He can become spiritual food for your spirit; He can become drink; He can become bread; He can become life; He can become anything that is required for the fulfilment of that which God has called you to do.

This year, don’t get used to operating outside the operation of the Holy Ghost.

One of God’s strategies for navigation is that every one of us must develop intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

We may talk about intimacy with Holy Ghost and the average believer may think he is intimate with God; that he knows the Holy Spirit. But in my study of the Bible there are several things that need to be in place before a relationship with God that is intimate can be established.

The Bible calls the Holy Ghost the Spirit of truth. When scripture refers to the Holy Ghost as the Spirit of Truth, He was not referring to truth as a statement of fact, He was not referring to truth as a statement of verity, something that is obvious, something that is sincere, that is logical.

But truth in the environment or context of the book of John Chapter 14 as regards the Holy Spirit actually refers to His witnessing. The Holy Spirit witnesses to you about a realm that you do not have any other faculty to confirm. When things become real in the realm of the spirit the only way you can know is through a witness of the Spirit. And the Bible is saying the culture, nature and character of the Holy Spirit is to bear witness and thats clean maids, which is real in the spirit realm.

In order for you to consistently receive witness from the Holy Spirit there are several things that must be part and parcel of your revelation of Him. I have said before that 70% of the speaking of the Holy Ghost is not in word but in witness. If you can understand the witness of the Holy Spirit very well and know how to interpret it you will no longer be an ordinary man.

Many people come to me and complain that they don’t see visions. That if they can hear God half of the way I hear God that their lives will be better of. And I said if God has not started entrusting visions into your hands it is because you don’t need it now especially if you are consistent with God.

If you are not consistent with God it is needful for you to know that visions exist on an energy level that an inconsistent believer cannot access. Just in case you are consistent with God and you don’t fellowship in the realm of visions it means that you don’t need visions; that is why God did not bring it your way.

You cannot be consistent with God without having witness from the Holy Spirit. A witness from the Holy Spirit is actually an impression from the Spirit of God on your heart. It is a way that God actually reveals and unveils what He feels about an issue to you.

It is an anointing that comes upon you and brings you into God’s feeling about an issue; God’s emotion about an issue. It has a discernment component in it; for you to be able to know God’s testimony about a person or a thing or a situation.

If you have ever been to the hospital and maybe there was a situation that required that you have to take some antibiotics. There are different kinds of antibiotics; septrin is an antibiotic that has particular effect on things that have to do with respiratory tract. There are other antibiotics that are specific to some other parts of the body. But in the family of antibiotics there are broad spectrum antibiotics. Just in case you are not sure of what is happening the doctor will prescribe broad spectrum antibiotics with a wider effect, with a broad range of activities, with a broad range of influence. That is how a witness is. A witness may be devoid of specificities because it is a broad range pointer or guidance from God.

One of the proof that you are a spiritual head is that you consistently receive witness from the Holy Spirit about things and witness from the Holy Spirit about what He wants you to be involved in per time.

The Bible calls Him the Spirit of truth because He bears a testimony. A testimony of that which is real in the realm of the spirit and He furnishes it upon your heart. In order for you to be such a personality; such a Christian that God can and will witness to consistently there are things I want to show you that are compulsory.

It is possible for you to be born again, filled with the Holy Spirit but the activities of the Spirit of God in your life are not pronounce. You don’t see the Holy Spirit operating in your life so actively. It is because you are defaulting in one of the principles we are about to share.

I pray that what I am sharing with you today will not be just a write-up but it will be instructions from God to you. If after reading this, you don’t deliberately begin to cultivate a lifestyle that can sustain the operation of the Spirit in your life, you are setting yourself up for harm in this evil day.

Many times I have been invited to preach in places where on news there are crisis there. What I do is that I go into my closet and when I finish praying and I receive that I should go (not that God said I should go) but I just receive a witness from the Holy Spirit. It means to me that you are going to go and come back safely. I have been to those places and I have come back safely.  Some of the times I went it was not as if the crisis was not on but God had guaranteed through that witness concerning my own journey that the passage will be safe.

In the book of 1 Corinthians you are going to see that the Corinthian believers have several defects and faults in their Christian life. It was in the church at Corinth that you will hear that a man slept with his father’s wife. And Paul was complaining that the level of immorality that was in the Corinthian church was more than what was spoken about among unbelievers.

It was in the Corinthian church that if there was dispute between a brother and a brother they will have to go to court to settle it because they have no regard for the constituted structure of authority that existed within the body and within the local expression of the body of Christ that they were part of.

The testimony of the Corinthian church to a great extent actually reveals the situation of the Nigerian church. If we run through the book of 1 Corinthians critically you are going to see fifteen defects that the Corinthian church had that parallels the Nigerian church today which is a proof of our immaturity and when Paul was recommending a solution to the Corinthian church with respect to their spiritual ailment, the first thing Paul recommended to them was in 1 Corinthians 3:16.

If you are going to see the activities of the Holy Spirit stronger in your life these things must be in your life.

In 1 Corinthians 3:16, the Bible says, ‘know ye not that ye are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?’

This is one of the things he recommended to the Corinthian church in order to make the Holy Ghost powerful in their lives because the Christianity they were manifesting was subnormal and abnormal. It means that the place and the regulation of the Holy Spirit was not active in their lives. And now the great apostle has come and he has seen that which was faulty in their Christian life and because of his standing with God and the Spirit of wisdom that was operating in Him he was now recommending a solution to their quagmire. And the first thing he recommended was that,’ are you not aware that your body is the temple of the living God and the Holy Spirit dwells in you’?

It will be needful for us to understand that the ‘know’ in ‘know ye not’ is not talking about a knowledge you can acquire by studying. It is a knowledge that comes to you by revelation.

Do you realize that before you become married, in the night you can see someone selling food on the street. In fact, some bachelors among us know some joints where the ‘akpu’ is always wonderful and maybe at the end of the day you make haste to approach the place before they close. It may be that one or two weeks after you get married you still escape and find yourself there. It is because a knowledge of the fact that you are married has not dawned.

It is possible for you to be born again and you don’t know the implication of the Holy Spirit’s dwelling. It has not dawned on you has a reality that needs to make you adjust your lifestyle. If it has not happened to you that your knowledge of the fact that the Holy Spirit dwells in you has brought you to a point where your lifestyle has been adjusted to accommodate and to relate effectively with that fact, you are still going to live as though the Holy Spirit were not there.

My friend got married and before he got married he will drive to one place in Abuja where he and his friends will gist till 11pm and then drive back. He got married and drove and came back by 12:30am. He met the wife crying. He said what happened? The wife said you left me. This is because he has not yet known that he is married. He wants to continue his lifestyle.

There are many things we do when we are not married. You can buy groundnut on the road and be munching. And eating groundnut on the road is so sweet. When the knowledge of the fact that you are married dawns on you and somebody offers you food close to the time that you know you will get home, you might be seeing that the food is superior to the one you will eat at home but to avoid problems you will need to go home hungry. I know married people understand what I am talking about. If you see a young man that can marry wife and flow in the reality of that marriage, you will know.

We will go further in our discourse next week.

Prayers: Lord Jesus help me to develop intimacy with the Holy Spirit this year. I ask for grace to pay attention and be aware of His instructions and working in my life per time in Jesus’ name.