Heart Check Tuesday 10 December 2019

Heart Check Tuesday 10 December 2019

We are in the last days and one of the highlights of these times is the increase in knowledge in every area of human endeavour (Daniel 12:4).

The world was ushered into the 20th century with an industrial revolution marked by rapid changes in the traditional industry which were powered by information technology.

With the arrival of the internet, touted as the most important invention in modern time, knowledge has now been democratized, making it easy for everyone regardless of status, location or race, to access a vast amount of information from coast to coast.

But despite the increase in knowledge and advancement in technology, there is much suffering in the world. It seems that the world today can even be better described by poverty, hunger, strife, terrorism, oppression, corruption and other phenomena that show human depravity and mock our skilful inventions.

The reason for our calamity is clear: man is not increasing in the knowledge that gives life. Not that we are not knowing things that are true, but these things are not captured in “the truth.” “The words that I speak to you,” said Jesus, “They are Spirit and they are life,” and unless we abound in this life which He talked about, we will only be plunging into greater darkness and meaninglessness.

Unfortunately, more than ever before, men are unwilling to turn their faces towards the Great Light. They would do everything possible to do away with the knowledge of God which brings life.

Today, biologists see man as higher animals; chemistry see man as consisting of atoms and molecules; politics see man as a political man; statisticians see man as a number to be counted; businessmen see man as a customer to be satisfied in exchange for money; artistes see man as a client to be entertained.

But who would make the world to know God’s perspective of man? Who would tell the world that man was designed to know, relate to, carry and express God? Who would let them know that this is why God is so mindful of man?

These are the days when men that truly know the Lord must arise to do exploits. Such men are not those who trifle with their spiritual walk, seeking bread to eat rather than the life which is available in Him. Rather, they are those who labour in the word to know God, align completely with Him and prove Him to be true – that He is and He is a rewarded of them that diligently seek Him.

They do not only know Him to be God in the past and in the future but particularly in the present.

Such men know Whom they believe, what they believe and why they believe. These are men of understanding who can be used of God to bring others into the same understanding that they have. The Lord needs such men across the mountains of the world today.

Would you be one?

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