Heart Check Tuesday 12 February 2019

Heart Check Tuesday 12 February 2019

It is amazing to know that our knowledge of God is a great pointer to our destinies.

Consider that the thoughts we entertain about God determine what is possible and permissible to us; they form the basis of how we live and what we become.

A man might claim to know God, but if his knowledge of God is inaccurate, his life will reflect the deficiency.

This is not about your theoretical knowledge, it is practical. If you say one thing about God, but do the very opposite, that already reflects your deficiency. You would have probably thought that God can somehow accommodate your hypocrisy.

The children of Israel knew God’s laws but not His love; hence, Jesus came to reveal Him accurately as our Father who loves and cares for us all. Do you know Him as such?

All the heroes of faith mentioned in Hebrews 11 acted based on what they knew about God, so also the Church. When those that know their God accurately act in faith, the usual result is great power for unusual exploits.

But the Church and her members today are too shallow in their knowledge about God, hence, the lack of purity and power; for we have entertained thoughts unworthy of God, which is tantamount to idolatry.

Would you correct this deficiency by tarrying with the word of God and yielding to His Spirit of truth, or would you continue to perpetuate it?