Heart Check Tuesday 12 March 2019

Heart Check Tuesday 12 March 2019

One major characteristic of the self-life is its tendency to form alliance with world and bring us into bondage. This is evident in our fleshly lust for worldly things – money, fame and power.

While these things are not evil in themselves seeing that God bestows them to us for our necessary use and enjoyment, our lust after them makes us subservient to them instead of vice-versa; hence, separating us from the love of the Father to our utter ruin.

If only the rich young ruler understood that “A man’s life does not consist in the abundance of things that he possesses,” he would have kept the things he possessed out of the innermost part of his heart where only God was supposed to reign supreme, unhindered and unaided.

Little wonder, God regularly separated Abraham from things – family, fame and fortune – which attempted to take over his heart’s shrine at different times in order to consecrate him to God. Through this process, Abraham mastered the sublime art of resting His trust in God alone, and He found God to be His blessing. In losing everything, he possessed God; hence, gaining all things and much more.

Men and brethren, what then shall we do? Let us thoroughly examine ourselves to see if there is anything left unsurrendered to the Great One to whom belongs the kingdom, the power and the glory? Is there anything that we cannot freely and fully give to God if He so demands?

Here is profound wisdom for our spiritual walk: *Whatever we withhold from God, the world will take from us, and whatever we hold on to in the world will take us away from God.* Selah.