Heart Check Tuesday 14 May 2019

Heart Check Tuesday 14 May 2019

Besetting sins are simply sins that are powered by habits or natural tendencies that makes a saint most vulnerable. They could be negative genealogical traits passed on by demonic means down the natural family tree and/or strong habits cultivated before one got saved.

Unlike weights which are mostly external, besetting sins are internally powered by an aspect of the fallen nature a saint holds dear and would not easily let go. Actually, in frustrating God’s work in a believer’s life, the devil uses besetting sins as his last joker.

Besetting sins are stronger than the human will and require more than choice to lay them down. It takes radical demand and supply, release and receipt of God’s grace to deal with them. Due to their insidious nature, they can even survive shallow levels of consecration to God and great magnitude of the anointing.

They differ from believer to believer but their impact is the same. Some of them include wild, inordinate affection for the same sex, lusts of all kinds, hurt and unforgiveness, drunkenness, etc. A lot of believers struggle with these and many more in private and this is a strong onslaught of hell to prevent God’s saints from enjoying the liberty and freedom from the tyranny of sin that Christ’s abundant grace provides.

The first step to dealing with weights and besetting sins is looking away from the distractions they pose and looking unto Jesus who is both the scope and empowerment for the race (Hebrews 12:2). This means looking away from the wrong places to the right one. The word ‘looking’ in this scriptural context goes beyond casual gazing. The word connotes warfare and it suggests a radical peering and steadfast hard look. This is because what we look at consistently defines our reality.

Also, you must bear in mind that you can never be free from the tyranny of besetting sins until you learn to open up these wounds to God’s light from both vertical (God) and horizontal (man) dimensions. God cherishes order. He has set authority structure in His church to nurture and strengthen every member. Healing comes from Him but it has to pass through other regenerated members so that the sacred order on which His heavenly government runs can be preserved.

The grace of God made available by the obedience of Christ is stronger than any besetting sin. You have to put your reputation aside to enjoy it. The Lord desires to make you His battle axe but He must sharpen you up first. May the Lord’s mercies keep us all to the end. Amen.

_Culled from “GO INTO ALL THE WORLD: Building Legacies that will Last the Test of Eternity” by Apostle Arome Osayi_