Heart Check Tuesday 16 October 2018

Heart Check Tuesday 16 October 2018

One dilemma of Christianity today is that there are many Public Speakers on our pulpits who do not have the counsel of God, but merely “darken counsel without knowledge” by their eloquence. (Job 38:2)

This is part of what accounts for the famine of God’s word among His people, and their souls famish because of the fleshly errors of treacherous men.

The power lies in the message, not in the presentation. “Where the word of the king is, there Is power” (Eccl. 8:4). Moses was a man of stammering tongue, but he became ‘mighty in words and deeds’ because he declared God’s counsel accurately, fearlessly and consistently. (Acts 7:22)

O Preacher, resolve not to speak to men until God has spoken to you. For only then shall it always be said concerning you that “The Word of the Lord is with Him”. (II Kings 3:12)

May the Lord rid His body of sounding brasses and clanging cymbals.