Heart Check Tuesday 18 August 2020

Heart Check Tuesday 18 August 2020

The Desire of Moses.

When Moses came out of Egypt, in order for him to establish a justice system, he had to function in the capacity of a judge in bringing justice to Israel. The task became very enormous that his father-in-law, Jethro, had to offer him the counsel of introducing a division of labour system which would ultimately produce functionaries that would work with him. It seemed like a wise counsel until God showed up with His perspective! God’s perspective wasn’t going to be a division of labour system, rather, He was going to bring to the fore the policy of Sonship and His recommendation has been succinctly captured in Numbers 11: The division of Moses.

The concept of the division of Moses triggered the event that led to the transference of the same spirit on Moses to seventy selected elders. By implication, if one of the seventy elders were confronted with a case, he/she would deliver justice the same way Moses would have presided over the matter.

On the day of their coronation, the Lord came as He had promised and it happened that there were two men (out of the seventy) who missed the meeting and they came under the same impartation as the rest in attendance so much more that they began to prophesy. Joshua got wind of this report and he called out to Moses to stop the two absentees from prophesying. However, the desire of Moses was revealed when he responded to the cry of Joshua: “But Moses replied, “Are you jealous for my sake? I wish that all the LORD’s people were prophets and that the LORD would put his Spirit on them!”

Through the desire of Moses, it became evident that Moses had a clear understanding of the agenda and the plans of the Lord. Moses knew that a day would come when every believer will be proficient in the use of the navigating system of the Holy Ghost such that accuracy and precision would characterize the life of the believer. That day, the desire of Moses was registered in heaven and God made provision for every believer to possess a measure of the Spirit of God.

Therefore, if any man does not operate in this dimension, then such a man is a stranger to the civilization of heaven. Regardless of how intellectual, rich and/or savvy a person is; anyone who has not encountered the reality of this spiritual civilization is not yet born of the Spirit. The vast possibilities of the kingdom are not accessible to anyone who is not born of the Spirit and the organic implication of that activity is that your spirit becomes alive and regenerated because the Holy Spirit introduces life to the spirit of a man.
The implication of this is that such a man will now possess the capacity to function in the dimension captured in eternity before time began. At this juncture, there is no gainsaying that the organic proof that anyone is born again is that his/her spiritual senses become quickened (not forgetting that the desire of Moses was that the Lord will put His spirit upon all flesh).

Are you alive or dead in the Spirit? Are your spiritual senses quickened? What have you captured about your life in the spirit? What we speak of today is not the gift of the Spirit but rather, the presence of the Spirit of God poured upon every believer such that their walk on the path of spiritual progress is aided. It is only by this reality that we would be able to both walk and work the way the Father intended.

Dear reader, will the desire of Moses come to pass in your life?
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