Heart Check Tuesday 20 November 2018

Heart Check Tuesday 20 November 2018

In the account of the call of Nathaniel in John 1:45-49, we see a generous outworking of the depth of access that Jesus had to life and the scroll that was written concerning the life of men. One crucial thing is, men that have made a habit of praying the scripture and beholding the Lord or waiting in His presence live on a deeper level of experience with the Lord.

He says, “You will bear fruit.” Fruit-bearing in the New Testament is two-fold. There is an INWARD FRUIT-BEARING: growing in love, in purity, in humility. There is also an OUTWARD FRUIT-BEARING that is impacting other people in ministry. This is not about how many people respond to our public ministry, neither is it about how big your congregation is nor how many CDs you sell. Rather, it is about people being moved spiritually towards Him because of our words and because of our deeds.

When you come close to God, you simply perceive a faith and stillness – that which the Scriptures describe as quiet confidence in Him, which invariably lends itself to access strength. This state of being before the Presence is what changes a man inwardly and extends to the outward being, which is seen by all men.

A life deeply focused on beholding the face of Christ will always attract men because in us is a natural attraction to the one true Light.

Let your light so shine, but even better let it also point men to the one true Light who is Christ. May God help us.