Heart Check Tuesday 21 July 2020

Heart Check Tuesday 21 July 2020

Kairos moments?…

Any experiences? Or wait, hold on a sec, What readily comes to your mind when you hear the word, Kairos moments?

Kairos moment in time is made up of three elements: opportunity, change and fusion. It is what the Bible refers to as, the set time and what we, Church people, have tagged, Waiting on God’s best! Relatable, yeah? Right!

A crisis is a Kairos moment in the spirit and one of the realities that accompany a Kairos moment is that it avails ordinary men the opportunity to become kings.

The state of the world at this time is very unsettling and this is putting it very mildly. However, the proper alignment of the Church is critical considering the fact that the Church is supposed to be in sync with the tidal wave of the Spirit that would usher in the Kairos moment.

The question in focus is: What should be the accurate expression of the Church so that she can capture the coming Kairos moment?

A crisis affords us as mortals, the privilege to leverage on the virtue of supernatural wisdom – a divine tool – wielded by God to raise men from the dunghill to sit on tables with kings. By implication, where there is an absence of this divine tool, men are ousted and toppled. In plain language, men would be stagnated.

The current Covid-One-Nine crisis affords us a level playing ground as there are no more ‘mighty men’ or ‘strong nations’. I mean, we are all under the plague of the virus!

While it is true that this season – even though cannot be forgotten – will not last forever. We are certain that we will see the emergence of high ranking men across the globe; their emergence will have nothing to do with the virus or the news that spreads it. Their rise will have everything to do with their [spiritual] insight and hindsight simply because they could discern this season and postulate accurately what God is doing in the heavens. Consequently, this reveals to us that there is a spiritual agenda running concurrently behind the scene of the pandemic; supernatural wisdom would keep the spiritual believer fortified against distractions of all sorts.

Death has always been the gateway to either physical or spiritual life, and the world would be released into a new lease of life after this season. For the word assures us that, ‘While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.’(2 Corinthians 4:18).

Friends, this would be a great place to pause and ponder: Have I anything else save the news of the ravaging effect of the pandemic? In the words, “We would compare notes” after the pandemic as we will not all be on the same level when this season is over because not many would have seized this great moment of opportunity.
Clearly, we see from God’s word in Is. 53:1 that there is a commentator behind the scenes and it is almost as though he is querying atop his voice: “Can you hear the news behind the scene?” The man who hears the news behind the scenes will be gifted with the privilege of seeing the arm of the Lord as only such a man can truly understand the ways of the Lord.

Do you remember Jonah’s response to the sailors on the sea in the first chapter of Jonah? While the sailor saw a natural disaster capable of drowning the ship, Jonah knew that there was a Hand behind his distress and went ahead to proffer a workable strategy that would evade the storm.
Have you resolved in your heart to shut your mind against the news from the TV, internet, and/or social media? This would enable you conceive what no man is saying while affording you the opportunity to peep into the immortal realm to hear what is being said in the assembly of the first born. For therein lies our relevance in the scheme of God.
What have you seen? What has been revealed to you? God must make us men who will go beyond the current realities of the crisis (in the form of death, hunger, economic meltdown, devaluation, etc.,) plaguing our world to be listeners to the heartbeat of the Father. We will discern His perspectives and bring guidance to our generation.
A strong handle of the unseen sponsors faith. Joshua and Caleb saw differently from the other ten spies and as such, they gave a different report because they heard what the unseen newscaster was saying about the promised land. If your ears cannot hear beyond what everyone is saying, then you are not better than the ten spies who gave an evil report about what they saw.

May God breathe life to our senses so that our receptacles will come alive to capture what heaven is saying. May God keep us aligned with the news brewing in heaven for only then can we be like the men of Issachar, understanding times and seasons.

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