Heart Check Tuesday 22 September 2020

Heart Check Tuesday 22 September 2020


One would have taught that when Jacob asked Laban, “When shall I be able to provide for my own family?” he was talking about the here and now (Genesis 30:30). But when viewed with spiritual lenses, we see the far-reaching implications of what he was saying.

In his life’s journey, Jacob drank from the wells built by men, including Laban. As he matured, he took responsibility to dig wells by himself. Thousands of years later, when Jesus requested a drink of water from a Samaritan woman He met by the well which Jacob dug, she queried the rationality of His request due to the agelong traditional rift between the Samaritans and the Jews.

But Jesus made her a better offer in His preposterous yet spiritually practical response: “If only you know the gift of God, you’d have asked him for living water” (John 4:10).

Her carnal mind could not make any sense of Jesus’ response; so, she asked even more carnal questions: “You have nothing to draw with and the well is deep. Where then do You intend to get that living water? Are you greater than our father Jacob that gave us this well?”

Jesus did not descend to the plane of her argument, instead, He buttressed His previous offer: “Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give Him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life” (John 4:13, 14).

Jesus was simply saying, “Jacob dug a well in the earth because I dug a well in him, why not allow me to dig a well in you too so that you can have something to give to others? What you drink from other people’s wells can never satisfy you; it is the well in you that will satisfy you because you can carry it to wherever you want. It will also make you relevant to others because you will have something to give to them.”

In this response was also hidden a thought-provoking question which should guide her to discover the answer to her own question: Jacob is great because he considered and made provision for generations ahead of his time. But between Jacob who gave you a well to drink from and Jesus who can dig a well in you, who is greater?

Many believers today stop at knowing Jacob and enjoying water from his well; no wonder they magnify their “Man of God” without knowing and glorifying the God of the man. Such people know not who they think they worship.

By design, the Christian is meant to be spiritually intelligent and independent. Whereas we start our walk by seeing, following and depending on men, decrease while God increases in our lives; we must grow up to see God, follow Him and depend on Him. We must hear Him ourselves, love Him truly and obey Him heartily without recourse to men.

Our dependence should be directly on God, not on men. God wants us to be dispensers rather than mere consumers. And to achieve this, He does two things: first, He gives us something tangible that our generation needs. When Peter and John received such from the Lord, they could dispense it to the man at the beautiful gate.

Second, God fashions a channel in us. The Samaritan woman had nothing to give to Jesus because her spirit was empty; in fact, if she had anything at all, her channel was restricted by resentment and carnality. Hence, Abraham was proven until He could lift up his hands in full surrender to God Almighty, possessor of heaven and earth, so that he nothing in his possession that he could not relinquish.

Beloved, God never sends men empty. Neither does he send men without channels of compassion. If you don’t have enough wine to carry to your generation, run to meet him. And if your channel is blocked by the flesh, cry out for His mercy. The Lord will hear and answer!

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