Heart Check Tuesday 23 April 2019

Heart Check Tuesday 23 April 2019

As believers, we know that:

1. We were first created (in eternity), before we were formed as foetuses and sent to this Earth to our respective families in the form of babies.

2. ‎There is a purpose for which we were sent to this Earth. And in order to Live Fully, we must discover and fulfil that purpose, in this time, and then return to eternity accomplished.

3. ‎The One who sent us knows our abilities, what He’d have us do, and how long it should take us to do it.

But we live in a society where we are measured up and pressured into measuring ourselves into this time. The society spells out what you should do and has a time for when you should do them.

They have a time for when you should be married. “Before 30, they say. Because if you’re female, then your biological clock is ticking,” they say. “Wait on me,” God says, “I changeth not … As I was in time past (when I was the God of Sarah, and Elizabeth), so I am now (even as I am your God)”.

They have a time when you should have kids. “Latest 30, they insist. Because you know life expectancy is 60 and you need to watch your kids become accomplished in your lifetime”, they say. “With long life I will satisfy you … You will see your children’s children … Your seed shall be mighty upon the earth,” God says.

They have a pattern you should live by: “Focus on getting an education, a job, a wife/husband, houses, cars, lands, assets,” they say. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God … every other thing will be added.” “Anyone who leaves father, mother, houses, lands … for the sake of the kingdom will gain them now in this time, and eternal life back in eternity (where you first existed)”

So dear brethren, regardless of what pressures the society places on you, remember … God makes all things beautiful in its time. Let your heart be stayed on Him, and your peace will return. Ask Him about the time for the things the society speaks about and hold on to His promises and covenants for their manifestation, reminding yourself daily that purpose, times, seasons are in His hands and it is He who determines the boundaries of our habitation.

After all, you’re not from around here, and can’t be measured by this time. You began in eternity where success is measured by your discovery and obedience towards the accomplishment of your purpose in accordance with God’s will. Let that be your focus!