Heart Check Tuesday 25 August 2020

Heart Check Tuesday 25 August 2020

Trust the Process

David: Chosen and anointed of God but kept in the woods tending to sheep and running errands for his father and his elder brothers. Simply put, he was a chosen and anointed shepherd (errand) boy who was getting prepared to travel the road of process so that he can be tried, tested and trusted (approved) by God because as synonymous with the character of God, the heart of a man is weightier than his level of preparedness.

For every assignment, there is a selection process and the foundation for selection is faith – God trusting His choice to deliver on the assignment without fail. This literally explains to us that every assignment given to us by God is a clear demonstration of His faith in us. It was this faith that made him choose Rahab, the harlot, as a remnant in Jericho. He demonstrated this faith when He went after Saul (later renamed Paul) as His preferred choice in reaching the gentiles. This same faith was at work when He felt a stammerer would be a better representative of His voice to Pharoah than the eloquent Aaron. God’s display of faith in us spans even to date.

Let’s return to the life of David.

No doubt, God had chosen and anointed David BUT He was too sure David was not ready to come into his destiny so He, God, activated the spirit of jealousy in the heart of his predecessor, Saul, to equip and perfect David’s character (heart). God must be wicked, right?
In the scope of a man’s life, God factors in unpleasant dimensions of life usually characterized by days of sadness, pain and gloom with the intention that men would come into destiny. Do not be deceived, ‘process’ is the bridge between selection and the fulfilment of destiny.

By implication, a generation must be educated that not all unpleasant situations should be prayed against, rather, the habit of making prayers of enquiries must be formed as bad situations and circumstances are divine tools to chisel and mold you in preparation for where God is taking you. There is an ongoing work in your life that you may not understand; before you initiate the ‘bind and cast’ prayer points, enquire first!
Remember Job? Certainly, you do! Who approved his calamities? God! The LORD needed to justify in the spirit that indeed Job was committed to His Person because he loved Him and not because of His hands (blessings).

Fellow citizens, our earthly trail is a function of how much faith God has in us and the uniqueness of our path is an offshoot of our varying destinies in God. Our attitude (response) to God’s processes in our lives should be that of trust – total dependence – in Him. An attitude that says, I may not understand ‘why’ but I will stay through. The attitude that says to God, It makes no sense BUT I will follow. That attitude that trusts God in spite of the pain. The attitude that trusts the process, regardless.

Many people have jumped out of the process that leads to their glorification by creating human short cuts. However, God cannot be mocked or deceived, whatever a man sows, he will surely reap.

At this juncture, we can only pray that we would receive help and strength from God to genuinely understand and submit to His ways as He takes us through process. For only then can we emerge as battle axes in His hands.

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