Heart Check Tuesday 26 February 2019

Heart Check Tuesday 26 February 2019

*If you do not recognize your inadequacy and insufficiency, you are not likely to prosper in the things of the Spirit.*

It is impossible to walk in the Spirit by engaging the power of the flesh.

The walk of the Spirit is purely and perpetually a walk of faith; and perhaps, the simplest illustration of faith is that of a blind man surrendering himself to be led by one who has perfect sight.

There is little that a blind man can do alone; but when he is aided, his walk and work become easier, faster, and much more profitable. However, he will never get help until he realizes that he needs one, and his need arises from his inadequacy.

We are all blind – we don’t see far and we don’t see clearly because of the veil of the flesh – but until we acknowledge our blindness and surrender to the leading of the Spirit, we will keep groping in the flesh. This was the message of Jacob’s life.

Interestingly, the Spirit not only helps our blindness, He helps us in every areas of our inadequacies. He is the ultimate advantage of the believer.

But have you realized your blindness and the limitation it places on you? Have you acknowledged your powerlessness? Have you understood your need for God’s Spirit? And have you begun to seek and surrender to Him in every way?

The Pharisees refused to acknowledge their blindness and it remained with them. May I not end up the same way!