Heart Check Tuesday 29 September 2020

Heart Check Tuesday 29 September 2020

For Fame or Followership

In our day and time, the benchmark for success is measured by the abundance of things a man possesses and/or the status attained in society.

The world view of success has made many live out their days in pursuit of El Dorado: an illusion in the imagination of men. By implication, some have trodden a path known only to them at the expense of their purpose; while others have neglected the essence of their design in an effort to craft a legacy in a world regulated by time.

These have fast crept into our places of worship as the effectiveness of our service in the vineyard of The King is now being deciphered by how much God has blessed us with material things. The measure of our alignment in our God-given assignment is been gauged through the lens of the abundance of the earthly resources we have acquired either through righteous means or otherwise. This is not in any way to refute that God blesses one with material wealth but to note that the aftermath of our service to God is not to show the world that God is in a competition to show how rich He can make his people. The scriptures say that the cattle on a thousand hills are His and there can be no disputing that.

In actual fact, the success of a task is defined by the accomplishment of the aim or purpose of that task.

“This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success” (Joshua 1:8 KJV).

The scripture above is the only place where prosperity and success are defined together, and this can only be achieved by meditating and observing all that is written in the book of the law. The law here is not the written word but the breath of the Spirit upon our heart.

Again, we will notice from this compass that success or prosperity is not defined by substance but in our ability to abide by a certain code. Our true nature of success and prosperity should be referenced from the path the Lord has set before us.

Genesis 39 tells us about the sojourn of the man Joseph while in slavery and he was termed ‘prosperous’ in verse 2 even thou he was a slave in a foreign land!

It is, therefore, pertinent to note that a slave has no possession for he is the property of another. In addition, should a slave desire to acquire a substance for personal possession, he understands fully well that because he is owned by another, his substance or any substance he may possess or acquire is not really his own but of his possessor (owner) so in this story, we can well be sure that the prosperity of Joseph was not in the abundance of the things he might have had, else Potiphar would have been the prosperous one, not Joseph. Rather, Joseph’s prosperity was defined by the fact that “the Lord was with him”. The attribute to that is, even though Joseph was betrayed by his brothers and sold as a slave, his path was within the confinement of God’s writing hence an establishment of God’s presence around him. Therefore, success in the Kingdom of God is not referenced by the material.

The world has come to make us believe that the right mark of success is in fame, power, wealth, a multitude of substance and so on and it has sold a lie to the effect that men have lost their calling and have also deviated from the path set before them by God for they’ve believed it is only when their name has a gold status to it will they have fulfilled their God-given mandate. But without the fame and the wealth, as in the writing of Habakkuk: should the fig tree not blossom, the fields yield no food or even with no herd in the stalls, would we still rejoice in the Lord (Habakkuk 3:7-18)?

A man in the spirit is a self-motivated man, a self-engineered man, and a self-mobilized man. Our joy is not found in things but in the Lord.

It is high time we reminded ourselves that being a philanthropist does not mean you are fulfilling your God-given calling. Maybe yours is to be an evangelist or you have been sent to train future generals of the kingdom where no one will get to hear your name.

Whatever it is, would you rather do it for fame or followership?

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