Heart Check Tuesday 30 April 2019

Heart Check Tuesday 30 April 2019

Many people today strive so hard in their different fields of endeavour to leave an indelible imprint on the sands of time and create a legacy that would last for at least one thousand generations. They want the planet to be permanently reconfigured in light of their daring innovations and their names to be etched immortally in history.

Now, a legacy that lasts the test of time and is man-made is still perishable, for time itself has an end. Every man-made legacy will eventually fold up with time. Therefore, the legacy that matters when time is done is that which derives from and continues through eternity.

Having deep roots in God enables a person to remain focused on striving for legacies that will not only last the test of time but the test of eternity too; for what matters after this life is done is the investment made into the afterlife in time. It is possible to build legacies that will last the test of time and fail the test of eternity. But it is impossible to build a legacy that would last the test of eternity and fail the test of time.

How deep are your roots in God? What do you strive for –  the mundane or eternal; the immediate or the ultimate? Do you work hard at being known in time or being celebrated in eternity? Where do you channel your resources and energy – time or eternity? Who do you believe in – yourself or the One that is mightier than you?

Whatever you do, please do not forget that history’s pages are numbered, eternity’s pages are not. So, it would be a wise choice if you have your deeds scribbled on the pages of eternity.

Culled from “GO INTO ALL THE WORLD: Building Legacies that will Last the Test of Eternity” by Apostle Arome Osayi