Heart Check Tuesday 30 October 2018

Heart Check Tuesday 30 October 2018

With the jawbone of a donkey, Samson brought down a thousand Philistines, and with just a sling and a stone, David killed their all-time champion. Moses’ rod wrought wonders in Egypt and Gideon secured victory with trumpets and torches.

These men were strong because of the very Presence they carried – the Presence of YAHWEH. They were strong in the Lord, not in their flesh.

Men who are made strong by God do not even need swords. With their words, they are able to subdue entire territories and establish God’s purposes. Unfortunately, with noises everywhere, there are only a few voices in our land.

When last did you tarry in the very Presence of the Monarch of Zion? When last were you quickened, receiving deposits of His strength in your Spirit? When last did you feel that holy boldness that comes with interfacing with the I AM?

It’s time to return to the secret place. TARRY ye!