Heart Check Tuesday 4 June 2019

Heart Check Tuesday 4 June 2019

One great deception in the body of Christ today is that a believer can live carelessly without any consequence. People who succumb to this deception merely raise questions about their understanding of why they were saved.

Besides, while these people tend to defend their carelessness with their distorted view of the doctrine of grace and even expect God to put His seal of approval and protection on their prosperity, they end up being worse for it.

In our dealings with God, we must always bear in mind that God is an Eternal Being, so He is not perturbed by the passing of time; however, our destinies and callings are factored into time and only man can be on the losing side of the equation when he chooses to live carelessly.

When you live outside God’s government, you will be wasting precious time that you ought to be maximizing to fulfill your destiny. Your life will be lived without striking any chord in heaven because it is lived out of course.

Fellowship hangs on more than grace for sustenance; it hangs on God’s government. The beloved apostle John clearly stated, “If we say that we have fellowship with Him and walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth.” (I John 1:6, 7)

This means that accurate fellowship with God demands that our behaviour and lifestyle be righteous just as He is. If you fellowship with God and you still have an aspect of your life that is established on unrighteousness, His light will expose things that are not part of His culture, and to progress in fellowship with Him, you would have to make proper restitution.

Like the story of the Prodigal Son shows, relationship continues even in the presence of rebellion (the Prodigal Son returned to his Father on the basis of relationship), but fellowship discontinues. This is because relationship is not directly related to your conduct – it is established on grace – but fellowship is established on submission to God’s government.

So, what is there to gain for staying fellowship with God? What profit is there in making the all-important sacrifice to stay under God’s government?

First is the overflow of grace. Grace here is the enablement that comes from God to empower you to furnish the uncompromising demands of God’s government. Also, through accurate fellowship with God, you gain divine immunity which protects you from the manipulations and machinations of the enemy. Furthermore, you increase in stature; thereby, attaining greater positions of favour with God while yielding to His dealings.

In the kingdom, stature distinguishes men from boys. With a robust stature in spirit, Peter and John gave the crippled man ‘such as they had’ and the man began to walk. Elijah shut the heavens from pouring down rain in Israel because of his stand with God. Would you also be a man of stature? Then avoid careless living and stay yielded to God’s government.

May the Lord help us!