Heart Check Tuesday April 02 2019

Heart Check Tuesday April 02 2019

“The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” When Jesus urged His disciples to pray in view of the temptation that lay ahead, they found that their desire and strength to pray were weakened by the resistance of their flesh. This is a reality that we understand by experience when we attempt to press in the place of prayer.

When confronted by this reality, many believers relapse into a state of prayerlessness, hence, sleeping the sleep of death and giving way for the enemy to build evitable strongholds in their lives and territories while they are occupied with worldly cares. The key to victory, however, is found in Jesus’ response to His disciples when they requested Him to teach them to pray.

Recall that He first gave to them a pattern of kingdom prayer, parables to show the premise of prayer which is assurance in God’s power and love, and persistence as a key principle for effectiveness in prayer. Concluding His classic teaching, He affirmed that God is more than willing to give the Holy Spirit to them who ask Him. This tells us that *the Holy Spirit is the fuel of a consistent and effectual prayer life. It is through the Spirit that our body of death is swallowed up by the life of God.*

One of the things the Holy Spirit does is to reconfigure and reengineer our passions and desires to take pleasure in only those things which either hail from God or lead us to Him. One of such things is the desire to explore God’s presence in prayer by grace, thereby, helping us build a strong discipline that enables us cultivate a functional prayer life. “Quicken us” the Psalmist says, “and we will call upon Thy name.”

How well have you been engaging the Spirit to help your infirmities and aid your prayer life?