Heart Check Tuesday April 09 2019

Heart Check Tuesday April 09 2019

The account of Israel’s first kings vividly illustrate the difference between a mantle and a title. Whereas a title is often given by man, a mantle is power given by God to aid a man in executing a divine assignment.

As humans, we are usually attracted to titles without understanding the processes and sacrifices required to function in such roles. Often times, we merely want the power without desiring to know the Holy Spirit and be worked on by Him who gives the power.

God gave Saul a new heart and anointed him with power to lead His prices possession, Israel. For us to accurately carry out God’s purpose for our lives here on earth, we must be willing to continually conform to the image of Christ with our hearts constantly being transformed.

Saul began to lose the backing of God as he was operating without consulting the One who chose him (1 Samuel 13:9). He merely followed his own desires and operated only with a title (1 Samuel 15:9).
He forgot that Lord had picked him even though he felt unworthy (1 Samuel 9:21).
He got so caught up in being king that being obedient didn’t seem important anymore. Furthermore, when confronted with truth, he went deeper into disobedience rather than repenting in true humility.

Saul went from being chosen to being rejected. While he had the title of king, the mantle had been handed to David. David started to operate in the power of God surpassing Saul’s achievements even without the title of the king.
He was a “man after God’s heart” despite his terrible mistakes. His heart made all the difference.

Even though David was a flawed man like everyone of us, he had a heart of worship and repentance. He was constantly presenting his heart before God to be renewed, constantly enquiring from the Lord, constantly repenting (Psalm 139: 23-24). David was a man who had gone through processes and learned from them. He did not easily forgetting where the Lord had brought him from neither did he neglect God’s wondrous works in his life and the people of Israel.

Often times, we desire a title which is given by man without understanding that total surrender to the Spirit of God for constant dealing is required to carry the mantle that comes with the title(s).
We forget that it is through crushing that oil is produced.

A title without adequate power would only lead to torment and constant battles that we are not equipped to fight (1 Samuel 16:14). God is never obligated to sustain a journey that He did not send us on.