Heart Check Tuesday March 26 2019

Heart Check Tuesday March 26 2019

Have you ever been in love? Then you do know that no one who claims to be in love with a person struggles with giving to her or him.

Why is that, you ask? Because giving is an eminent language of love. As such, the ultimate gift ever given – Jesus, whom we know as the origin of salvation, and the saviour of mankind – was given by a loving father (God), to a lost world. Love was His motivation for giving. “For God so loved the world that He gave…”

By that singular act, He was setting a precedence for all who would come to know Him as Lord, and address Him as Father. Isn’t it true that a son takes after His father, which is why we often hear the saying: ‘Like father; like son’?

If yes, where then did we get the idea that we give because we want to receive? Why then do we fall prey to false teachers who tell us to give because we want to get from God? Why do we reduce the very sacred and loving act of giving, into a trade by barter system? A twisted pattern of giving has now become a trend, such that we often find ourselves giving in this same way towards a need in the house of God.

Indeed, it is true that God rewards our giving, but that isn’t the reason we give. We give because we love. So, if your giving is not motivated by love, you are out of order.

Take a step back today and examine your motives for giving. Why do you give? If you find that your motives for giving have been wrong, then seek mercy from The One who is love Himself, and pray Him to teach you how to love like Him. Only when your heart has been rightly positioned would your giving to Him command great eternal value