Heart Check Tuesday – The Pull

Heart Check Tuesday – The Pull

The most important posture of our lives is our praying posture. We cannot in any way make a difference and/or meaning in life more than our Maker wants us to as He holds the master design for our lives and the only way to make meaning in life is to connect to Him.

‘But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.’ Luke 10:42, KJV

Jesus said to Martha that not too many things are necessary, but one thing is very important and Mary had chosen it and that happens to be the better part.

In life, what counts are few. We are too engaged in frivolities as humans and concerned about many things. May the Lord grant us the wisdom to be selective about our life’s pursuit even as we tune our hearts to what matters. Some of us make an empty pursuit of the things that are very attractive but not productive.

There are some many pulls in life but only a few things are necessary. One of the deliverances we all need is to be delivered from the spirit of not knowing what we truly need. Romans 8 spells out correctly our infirmity in the place of prayer – not knowing what to pray about. We know how to pray, not as we ought to pray. By implication, we do not know how to assume proper positions as there are too many things contesting for our attention.

Most times when we get to the place of prayer, many of us lose focus. Many come just to be relevant or appear ‘spiritual’.

What Mary chose that day was the attention of the Lord, and if we cannot pull heaven, we cannot make anything work here on earth regardless of our connections, background or network.

Fellow Heart Checkers, we can change matters, situations and circumstances IF we can pull heaven.