Our Sense of Ceremony

Our Sense of Ceremony

There are no casual meetings, our sense of ceremony, however, deprives us of the possibilities and blessings that come factory-fitted with God’s presence.

Speaking of Jesus, He never planned a program as the miraculous was commonplace. With Him, every hour is hallowed and there is blessedness in every season. Albeit, in drawing from the possibilities in the realm we interface with, our hearts have to be opened.

The best miracles of Jesus were impromptu as there were no special meetings! He walked the streets and opened blind eyes; virtues flowed out of Him as some touched His garment!

We must live in the consciousness of the ever-present supply of Heaven. We become deprived when we think it only happens when there is a piano or perhaps high ascendancy sounds.

How wrong!

God is accessible and ever ready – in the banking hall, riding in a ‘Danfo’, at the office and even at home. Moments count and if properly harnessed, they can become monuments of testimonies.

The quality of our thoughts and conversations can draw the attention of the immortal One and at that moment, impossibilities become possibilities.

Fellow Heart Checkers, are we conscious of this reality?