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Nov 2020
HEART CHECK TUESDAY. 10TH NOVEMBER, 2020:  Kingdom Service: What It Is and What It is Not

When we think about the subject of Kingdom Service – serving God and actively pursuing His cause – does a slave-master story like that of Cinderella come to mind? Do we have flickers of whips, wires, belts, chains, rods and canes? Perhaps a master standing before his slaves taking roll call. Like Cinderella, do we perform our services out of duty? Are we big on actions but fall short at heart? Are we dutiful but out of love with the One and the ones we serve? Dear believer, kingdom service has never......

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Oct 2020

At the instance of the murderous threat of his livid brother Esau, Jacob left his father’s house without any inheritance but returned twenty years later with great wealth. Similarly, his son Joseph left the comfort of parental enclave without any inheritance when he was sold into slavery by his envious brothers! Nevertheless, when his family reunited with him many years later, he was the wealthiest man in Egypt after Pharaoh. Both of these men created wealth without capital because they were divinely led to recognise and utilise various forms of capital that......

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