I would like to share my testimony with you. I remembered when you said to me; go and have your Children, that day I went home troubled because as you were praying I heard in my spirit kneel down but I felt the prayer was a short one, that I needed not to kneel.

As we left you I felt I had actually missed an encounter by disobeying, I was just asking God for mercy. To God be the glory, God answered and gave us our baby. I and My husband were not even meeting at this time when the good news came.

When I was feeling the pregnancy symptoms, I called a friend who is a midwife at LASUTH that I needed her to link me with a doctor, so she asked me how I was feeling, and I described to her and she said “Sister mi Let’s Try PT”… I could not just hiss on the phone, I just said OK…and that afternoon I just reluctantly bought the PT strip and did it, I could not believe what I saw, I just snapped and send to her, she was as surprised as I was.

I went for a scan the following day, the sonographer could not believe what he was seeing because I have been consistent at that place, my case was that my ovary should be removed (which means I cannot produce egg again) and today God has given me my baby.

Praise the Lord with me.

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