My husband and I have been trusting God for a child especially after 3 miscarriages.

A lot of events actually happened before his arrival. But sometime in July 2020 Pastor Icon called me and started praying for me. He said “your womb will not leak its seed anymore” as a declaration he received from the point man Rev Austin and claimed for me during RCN Lagos’ 10hrs prayer. I felt heat in my stomach while he made the declaration. I traveled for a program, came back, and saw my period. When I did, discouragement wanted to set in but God helped and I told God that loving Him had no condition attached to it and I honored His word over my life.

In September I noticed little bleeding and thought it was an early period again but then I glorified God again and had so much peace and went about my activities only for me to get instructions in my spirit to google “symptoms of conception.” I did. And saw that’s spotting is a symptom of conception that shows implantation. I just grabbed it and a few days to my expected period I asked my husband to get me test strips which showed that I was indeed pregnant. Now all of these had other events following and confirming every step. My husband and I were excited and agreed to go to the hospital two weeks later and it was confirmed. it was after the hospital that I started having all the obvious symptoms.

In the course of the pregnancy, Pastor Icon called me again and prayed for me and said prayers were said on my behalf and it was settled that I will deliver safely. I received it. God gave me peace throughout this pregnancy even when the doctor said I was miscarrying my Baby in my second trimester I rejected it to his face telling him my baby was fine and indeed he was.

Throughout the pregnancy, it was warfare at a point I had dreams that he was slipping away or I died. I saw my death being signed several times in one dream but I never gave in to fear.

When it was time, I called Pastor Icon and another spiritual authority to let them know because I knew they will pray with me and for me for sure. The truth is that it was a battle for my life but God prevailed.

I have my baby here and I am here with Him.

I want to thank RCN for praying with and for me. And I give all The Glory to God.