Good day sir.
I don’t know where to start but I know that three (3) Prophecies manifested in my life in April through Rev’d Austin.
The Prophesies are:
1. There is a special opening for IT people this year 2022.
2. There is a 90 days window opened for miracles
3. Someone will apply for a job jokingly and will get the job.

My short story:
I have applied for several foreign remote jobs but I kept getting rejections. One fateful day, I decided to just apply randomly as I always do. After applying to several companies that day, I got an invitation for a pre-interview session from one of the companies and I didn’t expect something serious will come from it because of my past experiences but that first stage was a success. The day of the 2nd stage of the interview was the day the Russian and Ukrainian crisis started so the company could not conduct the interview that day because they were based in Ukraine, and I lost hope of getting a chance for an interview because the crisis keeps escalating.
But a few days later I got a mail from them, asking me when I will be ready for the interview and I told them. I conducted the second stage successfully and moved to the last stage. The last stage was a favored one as it wasn’t so difficult and the interviewers developed an interest in me.
They promised to get back to me after a week or two. I didn’t get a response as promised so I became bothered but I kept holding on to the word of God and the prophesies. To the glory of God, I was offered the job and I also got a raise in the Nigerian company where I am currently working.

Indeed, God is a God of wonders, I can’t thank God enough.