Papa seriously…
Remember the enemy came against my health before I travelled (epileptic seizures, memory loss, intense migraines, and all kinds of body pains). It was my world that was falling apart. I thank God He has reversed everything the enemy brought.

About 3 days back I was going through the prophetic word the Lord used you to bring to me during the January 10 hours prayers on YouTube, on the need for me to arise and engage at midnight and that everything I see as symptoms will be lifted, and I was just grateful to God.

As He enabled and continues to enable me to stand with Him, He has brought vigour and vitality to my health in His mercy. Like I feel as fit as fiddle. I’m so grateful to Jesus. And I am seeing a faith rise in me to believe in God for other people’s healing. Thanks once more sir for yielding to God in providing such a platform. That January 10 hours was for me.