Praise God!!!! My Promotion is here.

I joined this company in 2012 and I was made manager 2 years after.
Immediately I was made manager, I got transferred to another business and everything just went still for the last 7 years.

The interesting thing is all through the 7 years, my appraisal was always above 100%. At a point, another person was employed as my boss and all through the last 3 years he was my boss, I literally did his job and mine together.

Fast forward to early last year, my boss was told to leave and hand over to me due to organizational restructuring. That same month, Rev Austin gave a prophecy at the 10hours of a plan to restructure an office but after 3 months the plan will be reversed. The same literally happened but when I hoped they will promote me to his position, nothing happened. So I was doing my former boss job, my job and other added responsibilities with no planned compensation.

Just last month, the company decided to review some functions and pay system and after 7 years, I was finally promoted.

Glory to God.