Praise God!!!! Asthma is gone.

My husband decided to join the fast despite the underlying medical condition. At a point about the second week, I was trying to persuade him to stop the fruit fast and convert it to solid food, but he was determined.

He is an asthmatic patient, though not so severe, he has a particular inhaler he uses every day to regulate his breathing. It’s called SERETIDE. If he doesn’t use it, his chest gets tightened a little, and he finds it difficult to breathe smoothly. So he told me he stopped using it since the 3rd day of the fast.

As I sent this testimony, I can confirm he has not had cause to use it.
That’s over 20 days now, and this has never happened before. He has not had any asthmatic attack as a result of not using it nor has he had cause to use the Ventolin inhaler too!

Glory to God.