We are born into a strange time- a time that tries men’s souls. Bewilderment and fear hold many; change and uncertainty stalk through my land, Nigeria – in fact, all lands. But fellowshipping in this great commission of RCN has changed my life in more positive ways than words can capture because I sought to be awed in my pursuit of worship of God as I had tired of mundane cyclical Christian worship. I was looking to go beyond selfish living, to a harmonious and efficient life that flows from the fountainhead of Christ. Contacting the ministry of Apostle Arome Osayi and becoming figured in this great apostolic network has recalibrated my thoughts towards worship, God, and my place in life.

RCN is for me a family that has continually built and shaped my life according to what is written in the Scripture. I am able to teach and raise others also, with tangible results from what I learn. By being attuned with the Holy Ghost, I have fully realized who and what I am in God. Most importantly there is a tangible measure of sustaining power to walk the path to which I have been called, from the focal point of the resurrection power of Christ Jesus that is at work in me.

Walking with this family has saved me from the frightful price of ignorance, negligence, selfishness and deception that assails this age. I am a work in progress but I know I am on the right path to the true goal of my being a Christian who loves God and seeks to become more like him.