RCN taught me the practicality of Christianity. Before I came into RCN I experienced a lot of spiritual realities I couldn’t really explain or articulate but from the first 10 Hours prayer meeting I attended to The Convergence, I started to come into strange realities, understand those realities and do business with them.

I moved from being a fearful, confused Christian and started on a journey to becoming a living stone.

In RCN Lagos, I found my tribe and my callings and gifting became so clear; it launched me into business in deep things. From the strength of my prayer life through the help of the Spirit to a deeper understanding of the word of God, RCN helps to create a thirst in you for the things of God while steadily feeding you. The freshness of every new meeting is astonishing as you realise that the spiritual journey is one of constant growth. Through RCN, I became totally convicted about my life partner and got the opportunity to serve God in a capacity I never thought I could before. RCN Lagos has taught me what love in the body of Christ should look like and the strength of the corporate anointing.