Remnant Christian Network has done a number on me, that’s for sure. My life has been irrevocably changed since I came in contact with the ministry.

First of all, it confirmed for me what I had always argued with friends: that church is not just supposed to be a rushed affair of 30/45 minutes because we can’t put the spirit of God on a leash and expect him to perform on command.

Secondly, it completely transformed my prayer life because of the constant burning fire within me. Attending Bible Study (we’ve been considering 1 Cor 5: 19-23 for a couple of weeks now) has also got me working on my character and asking the spirit of God for help on sundry matters.

And people of God, I can’t tell you the impartations and power I’ve touched since I began fellowshipping with Remnant Christian Network. The yokes that have broken? The magnificent gifts I’ve come into? Like David said, If I had a thousand tongues, it will not be sufficient. As far as I’m concerned, every believer needs a taste of the fire RCN Lagos carries. They will come into alignment sharpenly (lol).