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We are a ministry with a single minded focus on restoring the prayer commission of the church in fulfillment of Jesus’ proclamation in Matthew 21: 13 that “My house shall be called the house of prayer”.

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Community Bible Study

Join the saints on the mainland for an in-depth look into the perfect law of liberty every Monday at 6PM WAT.

Island Bible Study

Join the saints on the Island for an illuminating experience into God’s word every Friday at 6PM WAT.

10 Hours Prayers

Join the saints bi-monthly as we gain ascendancy and declare the mind of God captured in the place of prayer.

Int'l Prophetic Conference

The International Prophetic Conference is an annual prophetic meeting in the South Western region of Nigeria where we gather at a camp for 3-days.

The Convergence

The Convergence is a bi-monthly event on the mainland area of Lagos that sees over 2000+ saints gather together on-site and online.

The Voice of One Conference

The Voice of One Conference is a bi-monthly programme on the island area of Lagos where we see saints gather to receive marching orders from ‘The Voice of One’ amidst a myriad of voices …


Rev. Austin Ukporhe

Point Man, RCN Lagos


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“Remnant Christian Network has done a number on me, that’s for  sure. My life has been irrevocably changed since I came in  contact with the ministry. First of all, it confirmed for me what I had always argued with friends: that church is not just supposed to be a rushed affair of 30/45 minutes because we can’t put the spirit of God on a leash and expect him to perform on command.”


“RCN has been a place where I have been able to find full expression spiritually. In RCN, I have grown and I’m still growing in the knowledge of the Scriptures and my prayer life has not remained the same. Every time of fellowship leaves me refreshed and at the same time hungry for more of God. To me, RCN is home.”


“From the first 10 Hours prayer meeting I attended to The Convergence, I started to come into strange realities, understand those realities and do business with them. I moved from being a fearful, confused Christian and started on a journey to becoming a living stone.”


“RCN Lagos has been an avenue to grow in capacity. My fellowship with the Holy Spirit is on a different level and my prayer life has improved tremendously. My character has changed for the better and my perception about a lot of things, especially my life has changed.”


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