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This serves to provide a systematic framework for the ministry’s partnership initiative in direct fulfillment of the corporate mandate of the network.

In view of the various projects embarked by the ministry, it necessitates that we strategically build a storehouse of resources in anticipation of the day-to-day demands of the work.

The ministry is saddled with a huge task to bear the yoke side-by-side the Master, hence the need to create this platform to accommodate the various cares: in-reach and out-reach, of this divine assignment.


To effectively mobilize and deploy resources for the building of an apostolic community where the weak becomes strong for an active participation in the ministry of the word and prayers through:

  • Missions and Outreaches
  • Church Planting and Support
  • Welfare And Helps
  • Community Development Initiatives


Raising strong Kingdom pillars.
We aim to raise people, who are passionately committed to the advancement of God’s Kingdom by first giving themselves to the Lord; and then the resources entrusted in their hands to His work.

RCN Remnant Kingdom Stewards (RKS) covers the global network of believers, who are committed to the Biblical principles of righteous living.

Our goal is to connect with the committed pillars of the ministry, provide a detailed reporting system and reinforce the set objectives of the ministry.

The result is an informed platform for various forms of financial engagement that strengthen the mutuality of our covenant relationship as we see in 2 Corinthians 9:6-14.

The early church forged such a synergy in resources in Act 4:32 that greatly impacted the degree of power available to the Apostle in Act 4:33 and ensured that no one lacked. Acts4:34

The committee members are persons in the ministry who have shared the vision with the Set-Man in ensuring that the mandate of the Lord committed to him, towards building a strong Apostolic Christian Community, is actualized.

Our responsibilities therefore are outlined as follows:

  • Develop and manage a database of partners
  • Organize events for partners such as partners conferences and gala dinner
  • Periodic articles and newsletters posted on the website for partners
  • Prayer requests and partners’ welfare
  • Reporting and audit of funds from partners.

Becoming a RKS Partner requires a sacrificial commitment from each partner to first give himself or herself to God in a consecrated lifestyle.

Every act of generosity must be channeled from right and honest living. Every committed partner must be intentional and Spirit-driven.

We look forward to your being committed to the mandate given to God’s Servant, Apostle Arome Osayi, in uplifting him and the ministry before God in prayers,  that the work of God may continually advance.

We desire volunteered time and skill to fit the needs that arise in-house and commitment of financial resources on periodic basis as each partner is able.

Here attached is a detailed form for potential partners to fill with their information, after which a unique membership number will be assigned to each RKS partner so they can, from time to time, be updated with relevant information from the ministry and with respect to their RKS membership status.

Robust communication will be established between each partner and the ministry to receive notifications about all our events and outreaches as we progress.


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